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7/10 R

↓゙ᆲ■ツᄂ Synopsis

↓レᄚ↓ユト■ユリ↑ᄈᅠ ↑ᄌᄚ■メネ ↓゙ネ→ハヤ ↓ハᄂ■テタ↓ンᄐ↑ᄈᄐ ↓ᄍワ↑ᄋᄐ■ユワ ↓ンᄡ→ᆵᄌ↓ᄃタ→ᄀワ ↑ᄉᆳ→ᆵᄐ→モᄂ↓ラミ↑ᄇフ ■チᄚ ↓ツᆲ→゙ム↓ント →ᄚロ↓ユリ→ヘリ ↓ᄀᄡ F. ↓ᄐタ→トᄂ→ヤヤ →フタ■ニᄉ→ᅠᄍ↓ンリ →ᄊタ↓ンᄌ, ↓゙ᆲ■チᄡ→ᆭᄚ ↓ᄐタ→トᄂ→ヤヤ. ■ユリ↓ᄃタ→ᄃフ ■ヘᄐ→ᅠネ↓ンᄡ→モワ →マト↓ᄂム ↓ᄊᄅ↑ᄇᄅ↓ᅠチ↓ンᄌ ↓ユヤ↓ツᄡ ↓ツᆲ↑ᄆᄡ↓ワᄐ→ᄀワ →フタ■ニᄉ→ᅠᄍ↓ンᄡ ↓ツᆲ→ᄃン■ユリ→ᄅᄡ↓トワ ↑ᄋᄌ→ナタ→ハヤ ■リᄐ→゙タ↓ラミ →ᄍᅠ↓ᄃト→ヒᄂ. →ツᄄ■ホᄌ↓ンリ ↓ᆪᄑ↓ンフ↓ント ↑ᄚタ↓゙ᆬ ↑ᄚタ↑ᄍフ↓ンᄡ↓ラミ↓トワ ↓ᄃタ↓ᄐワ→ᄈᄌ ↓ハᆲ■ヤヤ↓ント →ヒᆲ→゙ᅠ ↓テネ→マト ↓ラニ↓ンᄡ, ↓ンリ↓ラᄚ■ユリ↑ᄇフ ↓゙ᆬ→ᄀタ↓ヒン↓ント ↓ᄂタ→ᄍト■ユᄡ↓ユᄐ ■ユリ→ハヤ ↑ᄋᄌ→ナタ. →ヘヤ ↓ンᄡ↓テチ ■ヘᄐ↓ハᄂ■ハᄌ →ᅠネ↓ンᄡ→ヤヤ↑ᄚタ ↓ユト→ヒフ ↓゙ᆲ■ツᄂ→ハヤ →ᄚᄆ↓ユナ↑ᄡタ↓ント ↓ᄃタ■ワリ■ユリ→ハヤ →ヘᄚ ↓ヨᄡ→ᅠᄂ↓ロタ↓ント ↑ᄇᆰ↓ᄃタ→ᄃフ ↑ᄈᄃ ↓゙ミ↓ヒᅠ↓ンᄡ↓ユᄐ→ᄃミ→ᄀワ →ツᄄ■ホᄌ↓ンリ ↓ヒワ→フタ→ᆬᄐ →ᄃネ→ᆲᄡ→ᆭᆲ■ユᅠ ↓ネリ ↓゙ネ→ハヤ ■ユワ ↓ツᆲ→゙フ↓ンᄡ→ンᄐ→ハヤ ↑ᄇテ↓ント ↑ᄍᄄ→ヒᆱ→ハヤ→ヒᄂ. →ᆰᄄ→ムミ↑ᄚタ ↓ツᆲ→゙ム■ユワ ■ヘᄐ↓ハᄂ■ハᄌ →ᅠネ↓ンᄡ→ヤヤ, ↓ᅠト↓トᄂ↓ント ↓テネ→ᄀワ ↓モᄚ→ヒᄂ!

Rated R for brief strong violence and some language

Fan Reviews

by Reno

**The four day episodes after the tragic event!** An unusual biographical film. I have seen films about JFK, either based on the real or just fiction, but this one was entirely focused on his wife. It sets in just weeks after his assassination and soon goes back... Read More

↓゙ᆲ■ツᄂ Cast

Natalie Portman

Jacqueline Kennedy

John Hurt

The Priest

Billy Crudup

The Journalist

Peter Sarsgaard

Robert Kennedy

Corey Johnson

O'Brien, Larry O'Brien

Beth Grant

Ladybird Johnson

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