콩: 스컬 아일랜드

콩: 스컬 아일랜드
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7/10 PG-13

콩: 스컬 아일랜드 Synopsis

↓ᅠト ↓トᄌ↑ᄈト →ネト↑ᄉᆲ↓ラミ↑ᄇフ→マト ↓ユフ→ᅠᄂ↓ᄃタ↓ᄃタ ↓ユハ↓ンタ →ᆵᄌ↓ᄃタ↓ンリ ↓トᆲ ↓ハᄂ↓ᄏᆲ ↓ユト↓ンᄐ→゙ワ→モワ. ↓ヨᄡ→ハミ →ツᅠ ↓トᄌ↓テチ↓ラミ ↓ᄀᄡ↓゙ᆲ■ユリ→ハヤ ↑ᄡᄡ↓テン→ᆰナ↓ᄇᄡ→ᆬᄐ ↓ᆱモ→ハヤ ¬タリ→ᆰᄄ→ツリ■チᆲ¬タル■フタ↓ンタ ↓ワト↓トᄆ↓ンᄡ ↓ンᄡ ↓トᆲ↓ラミ →ᆲᄡ↓ヨᄌ↑ᄚタ→ᆬᄐ ■マᆲ↓ᄚᄅ■ヨネ→ヒᄂ→ハヤ ↓ᅠユ→ᄈᄡ→ᆬᄐ ↓゙ナ↓ネリ■ユワ→ヒᄂ. ↓ンᄡ↓ラミ →ᆰᄄ→ツリ■チᆲ↓ンリ ↓ネリ↓゙ᆬ↓ンᄡ↓゙ミ ■テミ↓ツᆲ■フタ↓ンリ →ᆭᆲ→ヘヤ→ᆬᄐ ■ユト→ムミ→ᄀワ ↓ᄃタ↓ᄃネ■ユル↓゙ミ, ↓テン→ᆲᄐ■ユル↓゙ミ↑ᄚタ ■ユᄅ→ᆬリ■ユリ↑ᄈᅠ, ↓ネリ→ᄃホ↓ンタ ↓ᅠト■ネᆲ↓ラミ↓トワ →ᄐネ↑ᄚタ ↑ᄉᄉ↓ンタ →ᄇᅠ■ハᄌ→ツᄄ →ᄇᅠ■ナフ→゙ム↓ンᄌ ↓ᄂム→ᅠᄍ↑ᄈᄐ →ᄊタ→フタ↓ロミ→モᄂ, ↑ᄋᄌ→ᆭᆲ↑ᄈᅠ ↓ᅠト↓ᄃチ ↑ᄉᄚ↓ンᄌ ↓ᄊワ↓ヒᅠ↓ンリ ↓ᅠユ↑ᄌタ ↓ᅠト→ᆲᄌ ↑ᄚタ↓ンᄡ→モワ↓ルタ ¬タリ→ᄚリ↓ᅠト¬タル ↓ツᆲ↓ᄃト↑ᄌᄚ↓゙ミ↑ᄚタ ■テミ↓ツᆲ↓ンリ ↓ᄃト↓ᄃワ →ᆰᄅ↓ᅠチ↓ント ■フフ■ラᄂ↓ᄍリ↑ᄌᄚ ↓ワト■ユᄡ ↓゙ム↓ᅠト↓ラミ →マル↓ᄚᄌ■ユワ→ヒᄂ. ■マᆳ■メヘ↓レᄚ→ᆬᄐ ■ラᄂ↓ᄍリ↑ᄈᅠ ↓トᆲ↓ラミ →マト↓ᄚᄅ■ユリ↓゙ミ→ᄃネ↓゙ミ ↑ᄋᄌ→モᄂ ↓ユ゙↓ラミ →ツリ■テタ→ツワ ↑ᄇテ↓ンタ →ᄚヤ→ᄀワ ↓ンᄡ ↓トᆲ↓ンリ ↓ルユ↓ンᄌ ¬タリ↓ᄑᄅ¬タル! ↓ᄑᄅ↓ンタ →モᄆ↓゙ᆬ↑ᄈᄐ ■ユᄄ↑ᄏリ →ᆰᄄ→モᅠ ↑ᄇテ↓ント →ᄚユ↓ツᄡ→ツᄡ↑ᄈᅠ, ↑ᄚタ↑ᄍフ↓ハᄂ→ᄀワ ↓ツᄡ↓ユト→ツᄄ↓ンタ ↓テン↓ᄀᄡ↓゙ミ→モᄂ↓ンタ ■ユᄡ↑ᄈᄄ↓ンᄡ ■ンᄅ→﾿フ→ᅠᄂ↓ᄃト ■ルᄅ→ᆲᄡ↓ᄃタ↓ラミ↓トワ ↓ᄑᄅ↓ンリ ↓ᅠチ→モᄂ↑ᄍフ↓ᄃタ →ᄃネ↓ᆪᄐ■ユリ↑ᄇフ →ミリ→ハヤ→ヘᄚ¬タᆭ

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for brief strong language

Fan Reviews

by Reno

**A new dawn. The King has arrived.** Seems I'm the only one who did not know it was not a sequel to the 2005 film. The Kong was over a 100 feet tall in this, compared to 25 feet from a decade ago. Being a big fan of that film and Peter Jackson, I hated this ide... Read More

콩: 스컬 아일랜드 Cast

Brie Larson

Mason Weaver

Samuel L. Jackson

Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard, Lieutenant Colonel Packard

Tom Hiddleston

Captain James Conrad

Jing Tian

San, San Lin

John Goodman

Bill Randa

John C. Reilly

Hank Marlow

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